At Stanford I have developed and taught two main courses, one called Topics in Social Network Analysis and the Managing Social Networks in Organizations. See below for brief descriptions.


The “Managing Social Networks” course is a MBA course that distills some of the major insights from the last three decades of social network research that are useful for managers, including: (a) designing optimal personal networks, (b) designing effective organizational networks, (c) searching over social networks and (d) conducting network analysis within organizations. You can find the syllabus here. I’m happy to share my course materials, please send me an e-mail if you would like them.


The “Topics” class is a doctoral seminar which focuses on methodological and theoretical issues in the field of Social Network Analysis broadly defined. In recent years the course has focused on methodological issues such as causal estimation in network research and theories of network formation and change. You can find the syllabus for this class here. This class is ever evolving and I don’t have specific materials because most class discussions are based on current research.

Doctoral Advising

I have served as primary advisor and chair on two doctoral committees at Stanford. Demetrius Lewis, who graduated in 2016 is Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School in Atlanta. Rembrand Koning who also graduated in 2016 is Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School.