Ideas on entrepreneurship, innovation and social networks

Here you will find some of my research, summaries of recent trends and topics in business research, and educational materials I’ve used or developed for my MBA and PhD classes. I focus on social network analysis, innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are some relevant posts: Social Network Analysis Class Syllabi PhD: Topics in Social Network Analysis MBA: Managing Social […]

Analyzing Networks in R: Centrality and Graphing

One important procedure in network analysis is determining the centrality of a node within a social network. In this post, I will show you how to do four things: Calculate four centrality measures Closeness centrality Betweenness centrality Degree centrality (indegree and outdegree) Eigenvector centrality Symmetrize social networks Plot social networks using the gplot function in R. Correlate […]

The organization behind the chart, an assignment.

Network analysis has permeated the analytical toolbox of many of the world’s most innovative companies. Firms, both large and small, have begun to use the tools of social network analysis (SNA) to understand the collaborative structure within their organizations and the collaborative and competitive structures in their respective markets. In the early days of SNA […]

Creating value for others

One of the most important resources you have for creating value is your social network. And one of the most important ways that you can create value is by understanding the goals and needs of people you know and using your own network to help them meet those goals in ways that only you can […]

Understanding Your Network

For this assignment, I want you to draw your advice network and friendship network out to two degrees. That is, enumerate your friends (and advice givers) and the relationships they have among each other, but also try to enumerate your friends’ friends (even the ones that you may not be friends with) and the connections […]

Entrepreneurial networks

Who is this? Keep this face in mind, at least for a bit. In the prior lecture we discussed the simple micro-macro-micro process described in Granovetter (1973), the “Strength of Weak Ties.” Recall what we discussed: The forbidden triad is forbidden because in equilibrium it is generally unstable, because it is unbalanced. The unstable structure of the […]

Network Positions and Advantage: Status

  One of the most important things we do on a day-to-day basis is make predictions about the value of individuals or companies, or really, any entity.  Making such predictions is challenging because we have limited information about the qualities of the entity we are attempting to make predictions about. For instance:  A hiring manager […]