41 skills Indian startups want and what they pay

  This is the India version of 46 skills Indian startups want and what they pay. Like the US edition, we’ve analyzed thousands of jobs advertised by Indian startups to bring you an informed look at the skills you need to get hired. We also looked just at Bengaluru salaries and the top 10% of […]

Ideas on entrepreneurship, innovation and social networks

Here you will find some of my research, summaries of recent trends and topics in business research, and educational materials I’ve used or developed for my MBA and PhD classes. I focus on social network analysis, innovation and entrepreneurship. Here are some relevant posts: Social Network Analysis Class Syllabi PhD: Topics in Social Network Analysis MBA: Managing Social […]

Analyzing Networks in R: Centrality and Graphing

One important procedure in network analysis is determining the centrality of a node within a social network. In this post, I will show you how to do four things: Calculate four centrality measures Closeness centrality Betweenness centrality Degree centrality (indegree and outdegree) Eigenvector centrality Symmetrize social networks Plot social networks using the gplot function in R. Correlate […]

PhD Student Stars

After I defended my PhD dissertation in March of 2010, I decided to send my friend Chris (who is a star Informatics professor now) an e-mail summarizing what I had learned during that experience. As I read this email 7 years later, there is little I would change about the advice I would give to a […]